New online fruit slot machines

Mike Anderson

Fruit slot machines are certainly known and loved by every gambler. You can play them for more than a century – the first devices also used fruit symbols. Of course, modern fruit slot machines are significantly different from their ancestors. They are traditionally preferred by those who started playing a long time ago, and many beginners also choose them. It is not surprising that the range of such games is not scarce in online casinos.

Fruit Slots – A little about the history of symbolism

Fruit symbols on the reels of slot machines appeared simultaneously with the appearance of the devices themselves. In order to avoid problems with the law, manufacturers and owners of the first slot machines were forced to disguise “one-armed bandits” as machines for the sale of chewing gum. Hence the set of images – in accordance with the assortment of chewing gum of that time. This is how lemon and cherries, plums and watermelons travel through the decades. They have taken their place in modern online slots as well .

Modern fruit slot machines

Today fruits – fruit slot machines, as a rule, belong to the category of classic slots:

  • Most use three or five reels.
  • The number of lines on which winning combinations are paid is limited and also obeys the canons of the classics – 1, 3, 5 or 9, although a sufficient number of fruit slot machines provides more opportunities.

Traditional symbology can be extended, but, as a rule, the classic character set is sufficient to provide all the functions.
The traditional look attracts those who love retro games, and the ability to play by simple rules is the best chance for beginners to quickly get up to speed in the world of gambling.

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